Go for an Out of Town Road Trip with a Rented Van in Davao

Davao presents a myriad of sights to see and things to do as one day in this unique city will never be enough. Situated in the southernmost region of the Philippines, Davao City just recently gained its popularity among the international and local travelers. Due to the continuous outpour of new establishments, resorts and adventurous activities, now there’s just so much to do when in Davao.

The Davao International Airport is the main gateway to the city. From there, you’ll be greeted by a long taxi line with friendly and honest drivers who will take you to your desired destinations. There are also van rentals that can accommodate a larger number of passengers. Moreover, if you’ve booked in a hotel that offers airport transfer, you’re assured that someone will fetch you as you step outside.

The beauty of the city lies on its lack of rush and pollution compared to some of the most urbanized areas in the Philippines. There’s still a certain laid-back charm that only Davao emits- that even during a busy day, there’s always time for a well-deserved break. And to make the most out of your trip, renting a van in Davao changes the way you navigate all throughout your stay.

Apart from roaming around the city and its landmarks, take it up a notch and go for a road trip. With a hired van in Davao, here’s a list of the places you can go to:


The adjacent island in Davao that houses a wide array of beach resorts starting from the low-key to the high-end. To go to the island, you need to find your resorts designated wharfs in the city proper where a boat will take you across the sea. Once you’re there, it would seem like you’re far from all the bustle of the city and it would only take you less than an hour to reach your destination.


Mati is a neighbor province outside of Davao and it would take only three hours to reach this surfer’s haven by land. A remote long strip of white sand beach with pristine waters also stands out as a well-loved escape by the locals. Now, the place is also gaining quite an international attention.


In the mood for a highland adventure, Davao is also accessible to the mountain lifestyle. Having Mt. Apo situated on its terrains, a large number of mountain climbers from all over the world tackle its challenging treks every year. On the other hand, you can find adventure parks within the area where you can enjoy outdoor activities such as spelunking, hiking, swimming and zip lining.